Tip Pool Share Calculator

Start by entering the average total sales of your servers and percentage of food sales. Enter bottle wine sales if you tip out a sommelier, Note wine total is not included in total or bev sales.

Enter the average guest tip percentage, if you’re not sure what this is for your restaurant add up your total credit card tips and divide by total credit card sales to get an estimate.

Enter the total tip out as a percentage of total sales, enter both the “Server Tipout % of Tips” and “Tipout % of Total Sales” ensure the percentages for Server Tipout % of Tips match. If you’re unsure of what this is use this information as a guide.

when average guest tip is 20% then 5% of total sales roughly equals 25% of tips, 6% roughly equals 30%, 7% roughly equals 35%, etc… Depending on the service level and average shift amount this could vary from 3% – 8% of total sales.

Here is a chart of total sales amounts and what we have seen in our client base as correlating percentage of total sales for tip out.

 Per Shift  20% Avg Tip Tips per hour in
% Tips % Sales Total Sales Range Sample Amt Tips less Tip Out 6 hour Shift
15% 3% 400-500 500 $85 $14
20% 4% 600-900 800 $128 $21
25% 5% 1000-1300 1200 $180 $30
30% 6% 1400-1600 1500 $210 $35
35% 7% 1700-2100+ 1800 $234 $39

The basic theory behind this chart is that in order for a server to achieve these sales amounts more support is needed such as expediters,  food runners, server assistants, maitre d, etc… The sales volume justifies the higher tip out, as you can see per hour tip incomes escalate along with everything else, a server making $39 per hour plus base wage shouldn’t mind tipping out support staff 7% of total sales.


Once the shift information is entered configure your Tip out breakdown. Tip outs can be based on Food, Bev, or Total Sales by using the drop down menus. Adjust your percentages for each support position utilized.

Use the variance percentages below to stay within your set tip out maximum.

A second lunch calculator is below, if you wish to print this information, use your mouse cursor to select the chart data, In the print dialog box choose the Print Selection option.


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