Restaurant Management Software ROI

Restaurant management software ROI can be difficult to quantify. We have found that the average ROI is 10 weeks of use. Primarily this is achieved through administrative time recovery and a reduction in clock hours used to manage cash or checkout paper processes.

Detailed below are areas we believe will have a significant impact on your operations when using a gratuity management system. With this information you can estimate a realistic ROI value.

GraTrack restaurant management software automates tip calculations and removes the need for due back cash exchanges. By reducing the amount of safe bank cash needed to maintain operations you reduce the amount of cash at risk to theft, add the money -less the cost of GraTrack- back into your budget.

Repetitive tasks such as server checkouts in regard to ROI figures can be astonishing!  Lets say you have 10 checkouts to complete each night. Each employee spends 10 minutes on average using the current forms and a calculator to figure out the due back exchange and tip outs. They then spend 5-10 minutes with a manager to review for errors and process the cash exchange. Many times servers are due back money in the form of credit card tips converted to cash.

With GraTrack, this creates a drop situation in which no manager interaction is needed. The time savings could be anywhere from 10­-20 minutes per employee per day. Using 350 days open a year that would amount to 875 labor hours. Depending on your wage rates, we’ll say $8 per hour, that’s $7,000 annually.

As mentioned above in our sample site, the manager has 10 checkouts to process. This manager is on the clock and in many cases would be there anyway, what would you rather have them doing: Spending 30­-45 minutes at the end of the evening stuck in the office or interacting with guests on their way out to ensure they enjoyed their dining experience?

Lets not forget the time spent aggregating all the tip data in a spreadsheet, hoping they didn’t make a mistake that would affect a persons income.

Just consider the time it takes managing the safe bank and making numerous bank runs a week to replenish due back cash.

Using a spreadsheet to track tips? Does your staff request information from managers on how much they were tipped out and by whom? GraTrack allows employees to look up information themselves and provides managers supportive reporting tools.

Finally we need to mention compliance, or more like litigation. This could come in many faces and it would be entirely too difficult to put an exact number on it, but all that’s needed to say is, “auditors and lawyers”, the statement “priceless” comes to mind. Visit our pricing page for more info.