Gratuity Management Software Features

GraTrack gratuity management software is designed to simplify distributions for fine dining, full service, and fast casual environments. GraTrack reduces the tedious tasks of managing cash due backs or spreadsheet data entry to about 30 min total time per week!

No more repetitive cash counting or daily data entry by managers in tip tracking spreadsheets. Paying tips on payroll for servers, bartenders and support staff allows you to adjust the safe bank reducing exposure to theft.

Below are some of the various features:

  • Coordinate Tip Pooling and Direct Tips (Employee to Employee).
  • Implement a voluntary tip pool for non customarily tipped employees aka back of house.
  • Pool distribution by shift, day, or entire pay period based on the number of hours worked by each pool participant within the time frame.
  • Flexible shift and pool configuration by day of week and positions.
  • Imports Employees, Job Codes, Sales Categories, and Hours worked directly from the point of sale system.
  • Generate tip reports that display information in a variety of ways.
  • Employee look-up to view tip income details.
  • Fast and efficient built in remote support.

Visit our ROI page to see how these features can benefit your operations.


At GraTrack we view tip compliance from several angles: Employees, Management, Data archiving, and Legal jurisdictions. GraTrack places the management of the tip program into the hands of the employees, they make the decision on how much to tip out. GraTrack provides managers reporting to ensure employees are in compliance with agreed upon terms. In the event of an audit, GraTrack has detailed reports of distributions to back up payroll information. Legal jurisdictions may have additional compliance laws, It is the responsibility of the restaurant as well as the employees to ensure the program complies with all local, state, and federal laws.


GraTrack gratuity management software has direct integrations with Aloha ™, Micros RES3700 ™, Dinerware ™, Squirrel ™, Toast ™, MobileBytes ™, Heartland Restaurant HRPOS ™ point of sale systems. If you don’t use one of these POS systems please email us the name and version of POS system you use and we’ll contact you regarding availability. For more compatibility info visit our Compatibility page.