Restaurant Management Software Pricing

GraTrack is a subscription based software as a service (SaaS) product, priced in three tiers on an annual basis.

Included in the subscription is support, updates, and access to website secure content.

Whether your concept is a quick service, fast casual, full service, or fine dining establishment GraTrack is a vital restaurant management software.

GraTrack’s process pays tip income with your standard payroll intervals, no other fees are incurred. The success of receiving tips on payroll are highlighted in our FOH & BOH Benefits Video.

GraTrack gratuity management is affordable for all sizes of business. Return on investment is typically 10 weeks, see our ROI page for more info.

Tier 1­

$6.71 weekly, billed annually $349 per site

This level is designed to accommodate small restaurants, quick service and/or fast casual environments. To qualify for this pricing the restaurant must have 20 or less total employees and up to two tip pools.

Tier 2­

$11.52 weekly, billed annually $599 per site

Tier 2 is geared toward intermediate level restaurants in which no limit on pools is imposed or smaller establishments with a complex pool structure. Supports up to 49 total employees.

Tier 3­*

$599 first year

renewal years $17.00 – $30.75 estimated weekly, annually $900 – $1599 max billed annually

Tier 3 is for larger establishments, its structure has a scaled pricing component.

*When the restaurant employs 50 or more employees restaurant wide, upon renewal for the second year of GraTrack service, a surcharge of .1% of tip income tracked for the prior year is added to the base subscription price. Example: if $500,000 of tip income is allocated by GraTrack a surcharge of $500 is added, totaling $1099. There is a cap on this surcharge of $1000. Once you pass $1,000,000 in tip income no additional surcharge is applied, for a maximum price of $1599

Multi-Unit Pricing

All tier levels are based on a per location basis, not company wide employee size.

Pricing structures for operators of 30 or more GraTrack licensed sites available; please contact us for details.


GraTrack offers its software as a donation to qualifying organizations providing a community service. If your organization uses one of the supported POS systems and has a need for tip and gratuity management please contact us.